Terms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

For Museum Flehite Visitors

Visitors to Museum Flehite must abide by the following terms and conditions.
0. Temporary additional conditions in connection with the Coronavirus.
·       Do not leave home if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, light cough, mild fever, fever (over 38 degrees Celsius) and/or shortness of breath. Visitors experiencing any of these symptoms will be refused entry. Visitors are welcome once they and their housemates have been free of symptoms for at least 24 hours.
·       Groups of more than one visitor will only be allowed if they make up a social group (family, partners, housemates).
·       Visitors must arrange a valid online reservation and ticket for the day and time slot they have booked in advance; visitors will be expected to arrive on time or no more than 15 minutes before the start of their time slot - no earlier - in order to prevent queues. You cannot visit the museum without an advance reservation.
·       Avoid public transport as much as possible, and use your own transportation if you can.
·       PIN card or contactless payments (debit card or mobile) only.
·       Photography and video recordings are prohibited.
·       Maintain a distance of one and a half metres from other visitors.
·       Always observe the hygiene guidelines.
1. General information
Visitors enter Museum Flehite at their own risk. Parents and supervisors are responsible for the behaviour of their children. The instructions of Museum Flehite employees must be followed at all times. Museum Flehite staff have the right to remove any visitors who fail to comply with these terms and conditions or cause a disturbance. Visitors removed under these circumstances will not be entitled to a refund.
2. Access
Museum Flehite may only be entered with a valid ticket. Visitors must keep this ticket on them at all times when visiting Museum Flehite and display it at the request of our staff. The ticket will become invalid upon leaving Museum Flehite. Museum Flehite reserves the right to refuse entry to visitors at all times. For example, staff may refuse entry to anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or causing a disturbance. Museum Flehite is handicapped accessible.

3. Safety
In order to ensure visitor safety, visitors are strictly prohibited from entering technical areas and/or designated staff-only areas. Museum Flehite is not liable for any damage to personal belongings, clothing and/or physical injuries.
4. Personal items
Visitors are prohibited from carrying weapons or other dangerous objects (as determined by our staff). The use of narcotics is prohibited. The use of radios and other audio equipment is prohibited. Pedal scooters, bikes, skates and other means of transport are not allowed in Museum Flehite. Visitors may not bring bags, backpacks, large handbags or umbrellas into the exhibition space, and are prohibited from wearing baby carrier backpacks or carrying other large objects. You may be asked to store these and other objects in one of our lockers. Buggies and strollers are permitted. Museum Flehite accepts no responsibility for damage to and/or loss of goods deposited by visitors.
5. Pets and animals
Pets and animals are not permitted in Museum Flehite. Museum Flehite does not have any facilities for pets or animals. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are permitted at Museum Flehite. We reserve the right not to allow assistance dogs in specific rooms in order to maintain the necessary conservation conditions for certain works.
6. Clothing and footwear
Museum Flehite requires men, women and children to cover their upper and lower body and wear footwear when inside the building.
7. Photography and filming
Visitors may take photographs for their own personal use, unless specified otherwise at the entrance. The use of flash photography, tripods or selfie sticks is prohibited. Video and/or audio recordings may only be made for personal use and non-commercial purposes. As a guest, you may be filmed or photographed. Museum Flehite reserves the right to use these materials for publication purposes at all times.
8. Visitor peaks and technical malfunctions
Museum Flehite has a limited visitor capacity. Museum Flehite is not liable for any damages or dissatisfaction due to visitor peaks. Museum Flehite will not reimburse tickets in the event of delays or equipment malfunctions. Museum Flehite is not liable for any damages or dissatisfaction.
9. Damage
Museum Flehite is carefully maintained. Nevertheless, visitors may encounter unsafe situations or suffer damages. Please report such situations to our staff as quickly as possible, so that we can take appropriate action. In some cases, a visitor may accidentally cause damage to the museum. We ask that visitors also report any such incidents at the reception desk before leaving Museum Flehite.

10. Liability
Visitors who suffer damage during their visit to Museum Flehite must report this to the desk before leaving. Damage will not be reimbursed under any circumstances if it is reported at a later stage. Museum Flehite accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage suffered by visitors, unless this damage is the direct result of intent on the part of Museum Flehite or one of its employees. Museum Flehite can also not be held liable for loss of or damage to items deposited by visitors. The exclusion of liability does not apply insofar as Museum Flehite is compensated for the relevant risk by an insurance company or other third party.
11. Promotions and sales
The promotion or sale of services and/or products within or in the immediate vicinity of Museum Flehite is not permitted without prior written permission from the management.
12. Smoking
Smoking is not allowed inside Museum Flehite.
13. Children and supervision
Children between the ages of 0 and 12 must be accompanied by at least one adult minder. A group of 5-10 children must be accompanied by at least two adults. Museum Flehite requires one minder per 5 children.
14. Refunds in the event that no visit takes place during the exhibition period
If you do not visit Museum Flehite after booking tickets for a particular exhibition within the period that the exhibition is on, you will not receive a refund of the entrance fee or any other form of compensation. We will not refund money or provide any other form of compensation in the following cases:
• In the event of illness or absence.
• If your experience at Museum Flehite does not live up to your expectations.
• If you become unwell.
• In the event that your admission ticket is lost or stolen.
• In the event that the visitor has obtained the admission ticket from a third party other than Museum Flehite, and this third party has not paid the admission fee to Museum Flehite. If the visitor does not use the admission ticket for any reason, this will be at his/her own expense. Once purchased, an admission ticket cannot be exchanged. The admission fee will also not be reimbursed in these cases.

Admission tickets cannot be returned and will not be refunded, replaced or renewed. The barcode on your ticket may not be folded or damaged. Damaged barcodes may be impossible to scan, resulting in refusal of admission. There is no point in duplicating the ticket. Violations will be prosecuted. Each ticket offers one-off access to Museum Flehite. The validity of the ticket will expire after admission.


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