Groote in Art

Groote in Art

Now on view | until 23 june

Museum Flehite presents a wide selection from the versatile collection of traded and restored figurative painting from the period 1850 - 1950 by Zwolle-based Henk Groote (Groningen, 1947). That collection is complemented by representative works of art by Henk Groote himself from his academy days until now. This results in a varied exhibition. It includes work by well-known names such as Armand Guillaumin, Hendrik Jan Wolter, Jan Voerman, Johan Dijkstra, Jo Kosten, Otto Eerelman, Jakob Nieweg and other lesser-known artists. In addition, this exhibition on the broadly talented Henk Groote focuses on his former life as a pop musician, restorer, artist and gallery owner.

Painter, pop musician, gallery owner, collector and restorer

Henk Groote born in Groningen, grew up in Apeldoorn. He studied at the art academy in Arnhem from 1966 to 1970. He was taught by Peter Struycken, Henk Peeters, leading member of the 'zero movement' and figurative painting by Mr de Haas, among others. From 1970 to 1972, Groote lived and worked in The Hague, where he took art classes at the evening academy and started painting intensively in oils and pastels., He gradually developed into a figurative artist. He created and creates naturalistic works, ranging from photographic precision to an impressionistic or slightly abstracted form of the subject.

Captivated by pop music

Before painting would define his existence, pop music gripped Henk Groote. Between 1960 and 1980, he played with his brothers André and Ben in various formations: Geebros with Willem Anthonius alongside his brothers, who was later replaced by Cor Mestebeld and Lolke Hazeberg.Then Crying Wood and later Air Bubble.
They toured all kinds of venues in the Netherlands and Germany for many years. They also appeared on television programmes: with the hit song Racing Car they performed on the legendary music programme Toppop with presenter Ad Visser.

Restorer, portrait painter and collector

In 1972, Henk Groote settled in Zwolle, where he opened frame shop and art gallery Groote in Sassenstraat - right next to the Sassenpoort. Transformed into Galerie Groote in 1979. From 1990, located at another location in Zwolle: the Rhijnvis Feithlaan. From his start in Zwolle, Henk Groote was already working as a restorer, portrait painter and made work on commission. He also advised a number of museums on art acquisitions, including Museum Flehite.

Over the years, Henk Groote (together with his now wife Geery Jorna) also built up his own art collection. A speciality of the couple was Hungarian impressionist painting. Consequently, the current collection still includes some exceptional Hungarian paintings and watercolours.

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