Across fields and roads

Across fields and roads

Now on view | until 26 september

Let yourself be carried along to the most beautiful places in the Netherlands through the ages, depicted by old masters and contemporary artists.

Ode to the Landscape

In the national theme year 'Ode to the Landscape', Museum Flehite focuses attention on the diversity of the landscape in the Netherlands in general, and around Amersfoort in particular. With a multifaceted exhibition of landscape paintings and drawings from the museum's own collection and that of the municipality of Amersfoort, the museum shows the beautiful nature that the Netherlands has to offer. 

A colourful ensemble

Across fields and roads shows a colourful ensemble of landscapes in various artistic styles, such as a pointillist woodland scene by Jakob Nieweg, a realistic meadow landscape by Piet Mondrian, a modernistically painted Friesian polder landscape by Gerrit Benner, a dreamy salt marsh landscape by Hendrik Jan Wolter and a colouristically painted North Holland polder landscape by Dirk Breed.

From 1750 to the present

The exhibition focuses on the period 1750 to the present. A selection has been made from the museum's own collection and that of the municipality of Amersfoort, which has recently been given (partly) into the care of the museum. This includes the so-called core collection Armando of the municipality of Amersfoort. From this collection, a 'Schuldig Landschaft', among others, has been added to the exhibition. A few special works from private collections in Amersfoort have also been added

Jordanus Hoorn

In the exhibition, special attention is paid to the landscape drawings of Jordanus Hoorn (1753-1833).  Hoorn studied art in Haarlem, but Amersfoort was his home for most of his life; he was born and died there. In 2014, Museum Flehite received an extensive donation of drawings from the artist's estate from his distant descendants. The many dozens of drawings mainly depict landscapes of the picturesque surroundings of Amersfoort. Hoorn travelled from Amersfoort 'across fields and roads' with his drawing materials at the ready. He produced topographically accurate work in a true-to-nature drawing style. Sometimes he would write on the back of the sheet where the scene was: Groot Zandbrink, Leusden, 'Along a stream near Amersfoort', Voorthuizen, Nijkerk, and so on. Hoorn also painted the cityscapes of Amersfoort in oils. Museum Flehite owns a number of fine specimens, which can be seen in the museum's permanent collection. Jordanus Hoorn knew his trade: for many years he held the official position of Amersfoort 'drawing master'.

Contemporary Landscapes

The exhibition also includes work by various contemporary artists: pencil drawings by Peter Tekelenburg, landscapes in oil by John Konijn, paintings in mixed media by Edith Meijering and photography by Hans Withoos.
There are monumental drawings of the Wadden Sea by Annemieke Harkema and tranquil landscapes in the North of Friesland and Groningen by photographer Frans Kanters. Together with the old masters, they offer a special and varied view of the Dutch landscape through the ages.
Over fields and roads can be seen from Saturday 5 June to 26 September 2021

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Edith Meijering, Fire in a mill, 2021Edith Meijering, Fire in a mill, 2021
Jordanus Hoorn (1753 - 1833), fotografie: Ralf SilviusJordanus Hoorn (1753 - 1833), fotografie: Ralf Silvius
Piet Mondriaan, Folding bridge in a meadow, 1903Piet Mondriaan, Folding bridge in a meadow, 1903
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